Miracles of Sai Baba

The spell of one word “SAI RAM” makes us to feel divine and blissful. We have heard of Baba’s many miracles and experiences of many devotees. Here I am also sharing my personal experiences and my relationship with Saibaba.

It was times when I did not know much about Shri Saibaba, I visited Shri Saibaba temple at Mylapore, Chennai some 20 years before. I felt vibration in my body as soon as I stepped into the temple. I couldn’t explain that wonderful experience. At that instant itself, I surrendered completely myself to His holy feet’s of Shri Saibaba. The same day, I bought a metal ring, which embossed the face of Saibaba and I wore it. From that day onwards, I regularly visit Shri Saibaba temple every Saturday in the morning and I developed strong faith in Shri Saibaba.

Faith Can Move Mountains- and Patience not only increases our endurance power but it also destroys our sins and carry’s us safely against the various calamities in life [as mentioned in chapter 10-Shri Sai Satcharitra].

One Saturday, I planned to visit Saibaba temple in the evening instead of morning since I had some personal work. After my regular pooja of that day, I tried wearing the ring. But it fell down and broke. I felt very disappointed then immediately I decided to go to temple. In the temple, there was a huge rush of devotees, spiritual and special pooja’s for Saibaba were going on. Then I learnt that the day was Baba’s salvation day. I realized that Saibaba wanted me to come and take part in that pooja. That thought took my breath away for few seconds. I broke into tears and prostrated myself to his holy feet.

I would like to share another astonishing experience of mine. Once I was riding on my two-wheeler from Ambattur to chrompet. On the way, I felt hungry and decided to eat something. Immediately I changed my thought not to eat and decided to go home. After that I lost senses and in the state of unconscious mind, I rode almost 10 kilometres. When I was nearing Guindy, The accident happened and I was thrown near to the platform. Two men on the road came for rescuing me. They took me in the autorickshaw to chrompet. They were following me in their vehicles.

When we were nearing chrompet, I got little conscious. They were enquiring me my residential number.I couldn’t recollect it. But I had a small diary of phone numbers in my pant. I gave that diary to them. Those sympathetic souls called my wife and informed about this accident and in the mean time they admitted me into the hospital. Once my wife, son, daughter and my brother in law reached the hospital, they handed over my valuable belongings including gold ring embossed Saibaba and they left.

Still I didn’t know who they are. Who else they may be, other than messengers of Saibaba????

After that, I became conscious and unconscious. So the doctors advised to admit myself into some big hospital since my condition was critical. My son, Rajesh admitted me into Hindu Mission Hospital, Tambaram based on the advice of my friend Dr. Subramaniam.

Dr.Subramaniam immediately arranged for all medical help and also took consult from neuro surgeon, cardiologist etc., The next day morning, It was Friday, I was to be operated in the bone near right eye. Before I was taken to operation theatre, I asked my wife to get Saibaba temple’s Udi (Sacred ash).When she was applying udi on my forehead, the doctor came and told that the operation got postponed to Sunday. Therefore, I was returned back to my room.

On Sunday morning by 10.am, the doctor told that the operation would happen in the afternoon. I was in chaotic and gloomy mood whether to undergo the operation and if so, the operation would be done smoothly. Suddenly, four men entered in to our room saying that they are devotees of SaiRam and they applied Sairam’s sacred ash on my forehead and they said that everything would happen fine. As they said, the operation got over successfully. I was discharged from the hospital after 11 days. On the day of discharge, I was waiting for the car to go home. To my astonishment, suddenly the same four men appeared and enquired about my health and also offered me SaiRam’s sacred udi. I was dumbstruck not knowing what was happening around me. The miracles of Saibaba are countless.

I want to share to another miracle of Saibaba experienced by my relative. He, my relative and his wife visited my house on one fine Sunday. They have been married for eight years. Even after eight years of marriage, they were not having children. They were worried about for not having heir. My relative’s wife as soon as she got married, became pregnant. But in the process of rescuing her, they lost their child. When they were sharing their concerns with me, I was praying inside to Sai Baba for themselves.

I consoled my relatives to pray Shirdi Saibaba sincerely for their boon. And also I told them to do “Annadhana” to children’s orphanage on the day of “Vijayadhasami”. Shirdi Saibaba made miracle in their life too. Exactly after 45 days, his wife was happily conveying us about her confirmed pregnancy. Therefore Both of them were ready to do “Annadhana” for that orphanage. They fixed the day and invited me too. To our surprise, the next day was “Vijadhasami”. The got a girl child and named the child as “Sai lakshya”. She is 4 years old now. After this, they have become sincere devotees of Saibaba.

These miracles not only happened when Sai Baba was alive, even now also the miracles are happening. This is the truth I realized and I strongly believe in. I am sure that our sincere faith and devotion will become reality.

Similar story happened for the trustee of the orphanage where I usually donate for the children on every Vijayadhasami. The trustee’s brother has been married for the past 10 years. He was also not having child. He told me to offer prayers to Saibaba on behalf of him. I told him to have undisputed faith and to pay sincere devotion to Shirdi Saibaba. No surprise for me, they are all blessed with boy child now by the grace of Shirdi Saibaba.