No one approached Griffin to offer camera ready

No one approached Griffin to offer camera ready

He was particularly dreadful in his return to Denver on Monday night. In a 27 9 Texans’ loss, Osweiler threw for only 131 yards and needed 41 passing attempts to do so. The $72 million quarterback didn’t reach 72 passing yards until the fourth quarter.

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cheap jerseys It is, in that case, a dysfunctional brotherhood. No one approached Griffin to offer camera ready words of encouragement, a shoulder or butt slap, a reminder to keep his head up if he returns next weekend to the starting lineup. Sunday’s game was another loss, apparently nothing more or less, hardly worth remembering during a season that should be forgotten. cheap jerseys

Brady returns to the Patriots’ lineup next month, so an entirely new era for the sport has not necessarily arrived quite yet. But there is a decidedly different feel to this dawning season with Manning and Brady not on the field. Other quarterbacks and teams have their chances over the next month to establish a foothold in trying to secure their share of the attention and perhaps the Super Bowl favorite status that Brady and Manning hoarded for so long..

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