Jai Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

True strength is to trust Sai Baba, when you are in the midst of a virulent storm

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Baba, the name which can heal all of us sin and karma. The person who believes on him by pure heart will be survived from even death.

The way to attract baba is so simple. He does not deserve hand fasting, or penance. He is eagerly waiting for your love. If you keep a step towards him with a love, he will keep two steps towards you. If you keep a step towards him with a love, he  will keep two steps towards you.

Sai Ram

The spell of one word “SAI RAM” makes us to feel divine and blissful. We have heard of Baba’s many miracles and experiences of many devotees. Here I am also sharing my personal experiences and my relationship with Saibaba.


To spread the glory of Shirdi Saibaba and his spiritual words and to help the poor and needy in the strands of education and medical.

The Temple

The temple premises of Shri Saibaba is spread in approximately 200 sq. mtrs. It is situated in the heart of Shirdi village and is a major center of pilgrims from all over the world.

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