About us

Baba, the name which can heal all of us sin and karma. The person who believes on him by pure heart will be survived from even death.

The way to attract baba is so simple. He does not deserve hand fasting, or penance. He is eagerly waiting for your love. If you keep a step towards him with a love, he will keep two steps towards you.

Sometimes you have to knock endlessly before sai open the door. But know for sure. He is listening, the door will open. Just understand that there is a time for everything. So till open have Shraddha (Trust) keep Saburi (Patience).

If you could see through Sai’s eyes, the power of sharing and caring. You would never eat alone, never let anyone cry alone, never step back from spreading sunshine and love.

True strength is to trust Sai Baba, when you are in the midst of a virulent storm !! And they that have such deep faith in their life, nothing can even go wrong.

Just chant Sai Sai Sai, with every Sai you client with love, your energies shall be cleansed, with every Sai you chant with Bhaav, you darkness shall be dispelled. With every Sai you chant with faith your future will be illumined.

Our Sai’s love shall always flow like the pure, cleansing, blessed water of the holy ganga. But to choose to take a dip and soak your self in, or to just sit and look on, that choice is yours. His treasury is always full. But how much you receive that remains your choice.